Disable collision to enter a vehicle question please

Hi. So I want my pawn to enter a vehicle, but I’m not doing an open door animation. I want the pawn to move directly to the driving position going through the collision of the vehicle. So I’m trying to disable the collision while the pawn moves inside. I can use Set Actor Enable Collision fine for a single player, but in a network game that doesn’t replicate. Yesterday I tried to do this technique:

I was able to get other clients to see the pawn trying to enter the vehicle falling through the floor, which was expected. However, the owning pawn doesn’t drop through the floor.

Today I’ve tried a very simple setup, no network players, just one pawn Id expect to see falling through the floor. I do this:

I can even see the collision capsule disappear with PXVIS collision on. I’ve also set the skeletal mesh to have no collision at all. I can’t see any other collision on my character preventing the pawn from falling through the floor. Any ideas please?

So I’ve realised that if I jump after I’ve set collision to none, the character will drop through the floor. Its almost like it needs a nudge or something to kick in. SO ignoring that, I’ve moved onto setting the location and linking the character to the vehicle. I can do that fine on the owning client, but other clients see the pawn move into driving position and then drop through the floor. This is because they think he has no collision. Why doesn’t the attach to Actor node keep the pawn in place like it does on the owning client?

So just as a recap, I’m telling client 1 to move to a location and then attach to the vehicle. This works and the pawn stays in place on the client who is entering the vehicle. However, Client 2 sees the client 1 pawn move to a new location and then fall through the floor. I’ve tried Set Simulate physics, Set Enable Gravity and even turned off Gravity on the capsule component and the skeletal mesh physics component, but the pawn still falls through the floor. Any ideas please?