Disable Click/Touch input after click and Hovered State

I want to disable input from the user once he hits a button in the UI and then re-enable it after a few seconds have passed. So when we press a button to go to the next screen, an animation transition will take place and while this happens I don’t want the user to be able to click anywhere on screen. Once the transition is over I want to re-enable the input.

I tried using Set Input Mode Game Only and Disable Input in BP to disable the input and I also used Set Input Mode Game and UI and Enable Input to re-enable the input. It works fine, however the problem is that if I click on a button and move the mouse in a different position the “hovered” state of the button is still on, probably because it never managed to detect the fact that I hovered out.

Is there any workaround? What else can I do so that the hovered out state is identified? Can I disable the input somehow else? I tried using a delay node but this is not really a good solution