Disable and Enable Movement in Blueprint

There’s a function in Blueprint “Disable Movement”, works great. However, I need to re-enable Character Movement. There’s no “Enable Movement” function? How can I get it back up? Should be easy since it’s a Boolean right? Perhaps there’s somewhere in C++ I can expose this to blueprint. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

edit I am not looking to disable input


There isn’t an enable movement node. You can enable it again using the Set Movement Node and specifying the type of movement you want.

There was a request (as discussed in the link below) to add it but guess it hasn’t made it to the engine yet.


Thanks that was what I was looking for. I was going through the movement functions and somehow missed this one!
One would think if you disabled there would be an enable to match? Preferably resuming the previous state.

They need to fix this, this post was almost 3 years ago! Someone add the Enable Movement Note please!


I wasstill looking for this :slight_smile:

Still waiting for this. Should be a simple fix.

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I don’t know the rules of necroposting, but this is still an issue in Nov 2020. While I appreciate the work around of Set Movement Node, it should be a toggle all the same.

Its 2021, UE5 has been released, but this is still not solved.


just set movement mode walking or any thing and thats all


Life saver! :smiley:

i also need this feature

but i found one solution in Character:


Thanks a lot, it worked

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Thank you.

Thanks!! Worked perfectly!..

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