Disable an Actor. How?


I want to disable my actor during a game, i.e. I want it to be visible, but I don’t want it to be collidable. I have static mesh simply on scene. I tried to set different collision presets, turn collision off, but I can’t say is it work because I can’t turn off it’s navigation. There’s no such checkbox or command node.

Also I have a destructible mesh - it’s another beast. It doesn’t participate in navigation at all and I don’t know how to turn it on - Affect Navigation checkbox do nothing. Also It’s impossible to change collision preset in runtime - calling this function do nothing.

This may be a duplicate of this question:

Thank you. I saw that post. This doesn’t work. My meshes continue to block character, navmesh doesn’t change.

Currently navmesh generation doesn’t work with destructibles. It’s a missing feature.

I see now. Thank you.