Disable Alt+Drag Duplicate

Is there a way to disable this behavior, so it doesn’t duplicate?

I always accidentally duplicate assets when trying to navigate the viewport with Alt+Mouse button because I grab the manipulator instead of empty space.


Yes I would like to know this too, I can’t find any reference to it in the hotkeys and mapping to ‘Alt’ is something I would never use for duplication since it is a standard camera control in most 3d applications.

It’s far too easy to miss-click and hit a gizmo in a busy scene and has been driving me a bit crazy for some time.

Not much help to you though unfortunately…

What you can do is to vote on this issue so we get more visibility! :slight_smile:

Please this is a bad short cut since alt is used to manipulate the view.

I agree, being able to make it shift+drag instead would be cool

How is this still an issue 3 years later??

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is there any fix for this -im pretty sure 10% of my day is spend undo-ing this ■■■■!

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I’m not really familiar with the code base for Unreal, but it looks like this hotkey is hardcoded into the engine and therefore cannot be changed without editing the code and recompiling the whole engine. Which sucks, cause I also seem to spend, as another user mentioned, like, 10% of my day undo-ing accidental duplicates…


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