Disable Access none error, as i want it to access none at particular point

Hi guys, first time posting as usually all the questions i have to asked are already asked and answered here in the forum, but not this one!

I am new to UE4 but have been enjoying the learning curve, genuinely in love with this engine.

But my issue is that i have an equipment setup that when nothing is equipped, i get errors saying this for every piece of equipment:
Blueprint Runtime Error: “Accessed None trying to read property K2Node_DynamicCast_AsBPC_Base_Armour3”. Blueprint: BP_CombatCharacter Function: Initialize Equip Stats Graph: InitializeEquipStats Node: Set PlayerStats

however, i want this to be the case, its just the errors are clogging up my message log. my setup is fairly convoluted and as i am new, definitely not super efficient, but regardless of the facts it works EXACTLY how i want it to, i still get these errors. is there a way to stop it happening, or quiet them, or will i have to change my set up? I’ll post pics if needed, thanks in advance!


You’ll want to use an IsValid node for this. That should fix your log spam problem.


As the answer below states, an “is valid” node will prevent execution from occurring when no item is equipped. This will prevent the game from attempting to access data that doesn’t exist and throwing the error. The error however, is NOT something you should “want” to happen at any point in your game. It is an error for a reason to alert you that you are doing something improperly. Since you are new I recommend watching video #27 in the link below I discuss the “accessed none” error in more detail. I think it will help clarify when are where to use something like “is valid”.