dirty collision mesh


Why is the collision mesh so dirty after importing it from 3dsmax ?


why not helping ? i know my english is not good enough but my French is my native language. Beside i really need help otherwise i cant finish my project.

please help me

I had an issue like this in Maya lt. basically it was frustrating because i didnt notice that when i was using quads one of the “verts” was not in alignment.

picture a piece of paper flat. it has 4 corners well if you bend the paper from 1 corner to a different corner it now becomes 2 “tris”

when i made my mesh I didn’t know that this had happened on a few “verts” so basically i had edges where an edge was not defined.

when i exported and imported into the engine it “tried” to correct this and added a bunch of extra edges to my mesh. was very hard to find the issue.

basically i selected each face 1 by one and flattened them and then i seen it when 2 “verts” moved as they were streached out in an odd manner.

once i fixed the topology of my model I re-imported and the issue went away. but i dont know 3ds max.

you can try to do as i did. make sure you dont have an edge where an edge is not defined.

hope this helps :slight_smile: