DirectX12 Exciting Feature: Explicit Multi GPU

I got very excited after reading AnandTech’s report on DX12, especially about Explicit Multi GPU feature (using two video cards (or more?) from different manufacturer in the same system, for example putting a GeForce GTX 980i and a Radeon R9 Fury X in the same system).

Does it mean that laptops with dual GPU (Intel+AMD or Intel+NVidia) will get the same benefits?

And when DX12 in UE4 will be available as standard feature? (^.^)

Yes, you’d be able to use Intel GPU’s as well for that feature. However, it’s unlikely that it will be added to UE4, those types of things usually need a specific game implementation which isn’t something that works very well when people can make many different types of games with big differences in feature requirements.

I think is’t a BIG “nope” for that SLI / CF and other multi-GPU mixing, the DX12 implementation to an engine is a complicated & low level thing (API), as darthviper107 said; there are a very large variety type of games out there, the scale is too big, the optimalization and the deep core DX & VGA driver tech things is too much for the UE4 and Epic, if i correct. But, i should not to be true. :slight_smile:

It might be something where they could put the feature in the engine but you would have to configure it for your game.

That would’ve been awesome!