Directx 9 Unreal Engine 4

Unreal engine 4 is a game engine with really innovative and realistic graphics. But it does not meet the needs of users with old equipment. The Paladins game uses unreal engine 3 (Directx 9). With my 8 year graphics card, I can play with high fps. I would like you to bring DirectX 9 support in Unreal engine 4.

That will not happen–The vast majority of the gaming market has DX11 or better hardware

We don’t have plans to add DX9 support to UE4, as we are not expecting it to be a significant part of the market going forward. There is no reason that I can think of that someone couldn’t add support through source though and give that out (probably via a plugin and if not that, then a new branch entirely).

Well the 2008 Cards support DX10, if you have a card without dx10 at this point, don’t even think you can run UE4, and your card then is near 10 years old or more, or you bought an older card. As second point how you have a 8 years old GPU/Computer working. How is that even possible ?