Directx 9 for UE4

Hi,i from Russia , How build a rendering-engine for a 9 version of directx

It doesn’t exist. Unreal Engine 4 is meant to be a next generation engine and it’s good to see DirectX 9 going away. Unreal Engine 3 (UDK) still supports DirectX 9 however.

So just to be clear, absolutely no DX9 with UE4…?

No DirectX 9 at all. DirectX 9 is going away.

DirectX 9 will most likely be deprecated with the removal of support for Windows XP by Microsoft in early April FYI.

Yeah great, good to hear! Thanks fellas.

However, you can use OpenGL instead of DirectX 9, so you can still run on PCs with older Windows versions.

What version of OpenGL does UE4 require? My guess is 4.3+ because that’s when computer shaders were introduced.

OpenGL 3.2. Compute shaders aren’t required to use the engine, just some features won’t be usable such as LPVs.

Yeah, you can choose. Using -opengl on the command-line will use OpenGL 3.2 and -opengl4 will use OpenGL 4.3.

That is a good things, any reason why you keep directx so ? It is better to use Directx or Opengl on windows platform ?

Because Xbox one also uses DirectX. And more over DirectX 12 will be unified between windows and xbox, so, they have to maintain support one way or the other.

The only particular problem I see right now is that DirectX 11 implementation is dragging everything down (including consoles…). the sooner it will be ridden of the engine, the better for everyone.

On Windows we should be just able to choose which renderer we want to use. Depending on OpenGL perfomance it might be better to use OpenGL on windows. The problem I see here, will be DirectX 12 dragging perfomance optimizations down like DirectX 11 does, compared to OpenGL 4.4.

Well I will try both and compare performance and visual result, could be realy interesting.

Well I have test, with Directx and Opengl4

On an Nvidia Geforce GTX 480 :

In the Effect scene in Example Content

Opengl : 25 fps
Directx : 45 fps

On the same screen