DIrectX 12, Mantle, OpenGL, etc.

Hey guys, how’s going?

I want to know how those APIs can influence the UE4’s way to develop games. We, UE4 developers have to worry about those APIs in a specific moment? I mean, we have to pay attention to it or just develop like a beast and let your game on?

Yes, I know nothing about those technologies.

Any engine itself creates higher layer for coder and it’s made for you so no need to care about those APIs and concentrate on gameplay code and content, thats one of the point why developers do Engines first. Renderer plugins suppose (as there always be some diffrences) to be seamless, work the same, behave the same and most impotently look the same and your gameplay code should work the same regardless of renderer used.

Mac already using OpenglDrv renderer and as you see no body discussion much about it other then prefermence :slight_smile: So at most what you will be dealing with in this topic is profiling for specific renderer and hardware, but as i know Unreal partly do that for you too

I think it’s good to have a grasp of what features those technologies could bring to a game engine and the benefits your games could make from using them. Remember that games are an ultra competitive business arena so if there are any advantages you can gain from adopting new technologies you need to know about them.

Mantle is shaking up the industry as already OpenGL and DirectX are having to adapt and evolve to match it’s performance improvements.

Mantle aims to reduce the CPU overhead of the rendering pipeline and allow multi-threaded rendering. So it takes advantage of modern multi-core cpus and powerful GPU’s*.

*Currently only for the latest AMD GPU’s.

It looks like Crytek are going to use it in their engine and the Frostbite engine (Battlefield, Thief, Plants vs Zombies) is already using it.

But it’s good to see that DirectX 12 and OpenGL are going to provide a similar solution.

Hopefully Unreal will adopt it as well, at least in the interim until Dx12 is released. :wink:

Thank you for your explanation. Good to know that we have nothing to worry about.

Hmm, I see. Thank you for your entry - it’ll be useful since I really want to understand the basics of those APIs. For my future career, it’ll very useful. So, soonish I’ll get into those technologies.

Note: Thief is powered by Unreal Engine 3. Source.

I think it’s likely that UE4 will get a DirectX 12 update pretty quickly when it becomes available. We’ll have to see how much that improves performance. I don’t think it’s likely they will add AMD Mantle support

I particularly always preferred Microsoft/Intel technologies.

Apparently DirectX12 allows for core architecture access so Mantle will most likely be obsolete

And yes, UE4 will most likely be updated with DX12 judging by UE3’s development cycle

Wouldn’t DX12 only be available on the newly released graphic cards?

I’d like to see Mantle being implemented for those who already have the hardware that’s able to utilise it. The makers of Battlefield Hardline are already testing it with huge benefits; source.

They’ve said that DX12 will be compatible with DX11 graphics cards, you won’t need a new graphics card to be able to use it.

If Mantle will work only on latest “AMD” GPUs then they will lose really hard since not everyone can empower their setup with latest AMD cards.Where DirectX 12 will still run on DX11 capable devices…

Nah, I’m waiting for Dx13.