DirectX 12 build for Windows 10 Insiders


Just saw this blog post:

Signed up for the Win 10 program immediately and will install it on a separate SSD drive. How do I get access to the UE4 build with Win10/DX12 support? I signed up for Win10 with my MSDN account so the email is different from my UE4 subscription one.

You don’t.

You must apply trough this:!107&authkey=!AFgbVA2sYbeoepQ

And the maybe, you will get access.

I actually wonder, why MS is so secretive about this ****. I don’t remember such problems with DirectX 11.

Thanks! I missed the bit about having to be in the DX12 program as well :slight_smile:

Signed up there myself, I hope I get in (though I’m not encouraged by the requirement for a studio name and email address… bleh).

Well, I have the tech preview for Windows 10, and I hope they will also let me get the dx12 to go with it, waiting to hear about that part :slight_smile:

I encourage everyone interested in DX12 to sign up :slight_smile: Can’t say more than that.

I signed up awhile ago and haven’t heard anything back :\

From the rumors, DX12 is supposed to be having some extremely good optimizations done on the backend side of things. Same for Windows 10. Next year is going to be a good year for new PC’s.

On a sidenote, is UE4 implementing DX12 anytime soon?

hi ,

I don’t know, but I think Directx12 will be within Windows 7,
like DirectX11 is within service pack 3 for Windows Vista when it isn’t provided for .
With a little luck, it will be same for dx12. We must be patient

No idea when it will happen, but they mentioned in the stream yesterday that some of the work they’re doing will work better once DX12 comes out.

It’s already implemented. It’s just not available for everyone.

I guess when DX12 SDK will go public so the DX12 implementation will be merged into main branch.