Directory structure

I asked this question in the IRC channel but figured I’d ask it here too to try and get some more info.

Is the classes/private/public directory and file structure seen in the Shooter game demo going to be deprecated? I’m asking this because a project I’m working with is currently using this structure and I’m wondering if it should be stripped out and converted.

In IRC I asked for a place to get more info on using it and was told that it’s possibly deprecated, which makes sense considering all of the recent templates and projects aren’t using that structure.

We are slowly working on deprecating the ‘Classes’ directory, in favor of simply putting your UObject class source files alongside any other source file in your project. However, it is likely we will continue to be backwards compatible with support for the ‘Classes’ directory for a long time.

The ‘Public’ folder is a special optional folder that UnrealBuildTool uses to figure out where your public module header files are. If another module ends up directly depending on your module, that module will be given access to your Public header files via an include path directive on the compiler’s command-line. If you never intend to allow other modules to depend on your module, there is no need for a ‘Public’ folder at all.

The ‘Private’ folder is not a special folder name and is completely optional. You organize your private source files however you want.


Sounds good, thanks for clearing it up for me Mike.