Directory settings for UE4 Launcher?

As far as I can tell there aren’t any options to change default directory for downloading from launcher (marketplace). Unfortunately I have a SSD with a small amount of space and nothing left to remove, so using C:\ is impossible for me.

I have had success with UE3, using a Junction Point to relocate data that engine is looking for to another location. Basically, install this

Link Shell Extension

and then move folder that marketplace wants to use, wherever you want it to go, then as it says on page for that utility you can set new location as target, and drop a Junction Point back into your original location. As far as engine is concerned files are still where it wants them, but they’re actually being stored elsewhere. Its still a dirty hack, but it doesn’t affect other aspects of your environment.

Please add option to change default folder for projects from marketplace. It’s really annoying to download them on disc C: in my documents folder… I have idea that default folder can be changed in some .ini configuration file in Unreal Engine 4 folder, but i don’t know where to search this…

Thanks for this solution. Works fine.

It certainly works, but it still seems to give an error if there isn’t enough space on C:, even though it’s technically not on C:. So I’m able to download as many of projects on marketplace that I want that are less than size of my remaining space, but if its larger than space I have left it will give an error.

Hi Kanaru,

This is a known issue and is being worked on currently. There is another post with some useful options for getting around issue in meantime:

Hope that helps!

Did make a post on forum on how make build from source code “work” with Launcher and Marketplace in none default directory. Also a trick on point 13 of tutorial.

[Tutorial] Build from source with marketplace and launcher in none default path! - Marketplace - Epic Developer Community Forums!

Hope this will help!

Worked on? 2 years later, what difference can we see?