Director and Audio Engineer/Composer seeks team for aspirational open world project

Screenwriter and Dreamer looks to get a team together for a massive game!
Hi, I am Daniel Meadowcroft, I am an aspirational screen-write, yearning to get into the industry I truly love, Video Games.

I am as much a gamer as I am a story teller, and I really excited to hopefully get a team together to create a beautiful, open world action-rpg game with a gripping storyline and an unconventional take on an annoyingly cliche storyline, particularly in this genre alone! I already have a full story written and a lot of script written for the project. I also have my ideas for gameplay and unique features for the game. I have already envisioned many of the locations and nearly all of the main characters involved, as well as how their stories fit into the main quest. The game will feature unique weapons and a crafting system. My unique story will be both satisfactory and satirical to the cliche ‘chosen one’ RPG storyline

I aim to create a game to be in the same sort of league as The Witcher, Skyrim, Fable and Dragon Age in regards to genre and setting. And although at first we would be a non-profit aspirational indie-team looking to create a smash hit, at least in the indie community. I look to pitch our first working prototype to as many publishers as possible and really get the ball rolling with kick-starter and lots of online PR, which I would happily run as a devoted member of the team. I realise that we don’t have AAA budget, or triple AAA experience, but I feel that with passion and talented individuals working on this project we can achieve something spectacular! I am not asking for you to quit your jobs and devote 24 hours a day to this, but I still want to create a serious, brilliant game to firstly pitch to companies, and if we are unsuccessful, we can self release through kick starter!

I won’t lie to those who I intend to work with, but I am no programmer, I am not blessed with the talents that you lucky guys got, and although I have great ideas and visions of what I want, I can’t make them myself!! I could, however sketch basic concept art and such to help you with ideas along the way, which I would do happily.

Something I am good at, and are more than qualified to do though is sound design, foley and most importantly composing the score, which I have ideas for already which I will share with all prospective partners when I pitch you my story. As Audio Engineer on the project I would also capture the V/O sessions as part of my duties!

So with that I will allow you to think on it, and please get back to me if you want to work together; I look forward to hearing back from you!

I am giving myself the positions of Writer, Director (not a dictator!), Audio Engineer and Composer as well as Helping with the Art!

If you can do more than 1 job on the project then that would be amazing too! but I am looking for:

Level Designer(s)
Concept Artist(s)
Character Designer(s)

Location is irrelevant. With the wonders of the web we can work together from across the globe! Race/Gender/Religion is unimportant, All I ask is for Passion and Talent!


Daniel A Meadowcroft

Once we get going, we can think of a name for our team together, I am excited to get working together!