DIRECTLY Access a non-variable component in Level BP


When I add a component in Blueprint Class, I can easily access it in Level BP because the component automatically becomes a member variable.

Thing is, if I add a component for an actor in Level Editor and the component only stays within that particular instance, how can I access it?
I know there’s GetComponentByClass or GetChildComponents but what if I have several non-variable components that are of the same class or the same tag? Is there a DIRECT way to get the specific non-variable component like GetComponentByName?




Yeah this might be the only way to do it. I tried using GetChildComponent function of the root component since it only requires an “index” input but the problem is, the order of the components of an actor in runtime would be different from it while in editor…

I’m not sure if there’s any built in way but you could make a function that takes the class and name of the component, gets all components of that class and loops through until it finds the one with the matching name.