Directional sound?

I have a projectile that explodes on impact and plays a sound cue when it goes off. But I noticed the sound is not directional – that is, the sound is always centered to the listener no matter from which direction the sound originates. If the explosion is to the left of the listener, it sounds centered. If it’s to the right, it sounds centered. Is there something that needs to be set to get the proper spacial effects to work?

I played around some more and discovered that the sound is spacial. However, the spacial direction is ignoring the rotation of the player. In other words, the sound is always heard as if the player is facing down the Y-axis. I also noticed the sound is ignoring the attenuation settings. Not sure what’s going on here.

Could you do a Play At Location?

Yes. That’s how the sound is created. I also placed a static souind source in the level. Same problem. No matter where you stand or which direction you face, the sound doesn’t change with the player’s rotation. It seems the spacial code isn’t taking the player’s orientation or location into account.

Is the sound stereo or mono? Only mono sounds can be spatialized as far as I know.

it’s mono.

Hmm, just did a quick test and play at location does not play at a particular location at all? If I move a away from the source the sound doesn’t change at all. It doesn’t even decrease in volume. That’s definitely not what I expected.

Oh I see, I need to add Attenuation. So it actually works now, I hear the sound coming from the correct direction in the stereo field. Tried with the Collpase02 sound.

The attenuation seems to work on mine, however I’m not seeing much difference when changing the attenuation settings. I ran the settings from 1000 to 8000 and the sound fades at the same distance.