Directional movement strafing not blending properly

Video - Unreal Engine 5 2023.05.21 - - pCloud

I’ve never had any issues like this until now, the animation isn’t blending correctly, am I doing something wrong or is it my animations? the animations are retargeted from mixamo and they look fine until I put them in the blendspace

I think this is just what happens when you only have 4 degrees of movement (Fwd Left Right Back). I have one that also looks weird when between animations. But it’s only used for basic movement.

For the player where I need to move at angles, I usually have 45 and 135 as well.

well it worked fine in ue4, i did try to add 8 degrees of rotation but it still had the weird blending affect like the character would stop walking in the middle of step like in the video

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Hmm it worked with the same animations? I would also try Use Grid. That’s the only difference I see on screen that I use (other than the animations themselves).