Directional Dash

Hey, Very new to unreal and coding and am using blueprints a lot! Anyone know how I could create an omni directional dash that would trigger when I clicked any of the WASD buttons twice, maybe even blur the screen while they move? Thanks!

Two possibilities that i know of. You may be able to mix them idk. (the two i know are for the strafe style of movement, always facing away from camera)

First: You create 8 animation montages for the different dashes. Program them up to the key presses. Individual ones are easy. W and A for forward left dash could be press (button) to dash, and check; [is input key down] W [and boolean] [is input key down] A–> use that dash montage.

Second: You create the the 4 montages for WASD, and let the player move while dashing. So if they dash forward but move camera left while doing it, they are also kinda moving left, giving a fluid more controlling of the character feel.

For the other style of movement, there are quite a few youtube tutorials too. This one might be what you’re looking for. I included second mark for the demonstration, he hasn’t implemented animation canceling but has a video for that as well if you need it.

Check out the following post. Need help setting up an 8 way roll dodge blend space. - Unreal Engine Forums