Directional Dash! Someone pls help

I am currently using Unreal Engine 4.5, and I am very new to blueprints. In fact, I am 15 yrs old :D. I am planning to create a directional dash (dodge) for a game and I don’t really know how to :(.
Can someone pls help??

Well I don’t know if you figured it out but here is how I implemented a dodge mechanic in mine. For mine it checks whether you’re on the ground and if you tap one of the WASD keys twice you dodge to the side, forward etc.
Sorry if the pic came out bad…

EDIT: Forgot to mention the custom event dodge is being called through the tick function


Posting from my phone, so don’t have access to my actual files right now, but I have a dash that relies on a “mode”. In other words; you have general moment, but you also have a “focused” mode you enter by holding a key, at which point the movement changes from turning to strafing, and double tapping a strafe direction will dash.

My mode also prevents dashing in air, as I found that to be a bit spammy.

I can post it later if anyone is interested.

Hey, do you have an idea how to change the dash-speed? When i change the velocity in “launch character” it just changes the lengths of the dash, but not the speed. I want to reduce the speed of that dash, while going the same distance

I used “launch character” node, and “get velocity” of my pawn.
I multiplied the velocity * 500 for good effect.

If i take the velocity and multiply it with 500, my character will jump once across the world :s
I need him to dash slower, while dashing the same distance. Is that possible?

I think you are just trying to move the character in the same direction every time they press a key right?

Check this guy out:

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 2.36.18 PM.png

When this Launch Character fires it will send the character 40 units into the air and 800 units to the left. If you want them to go to the right then it would be positive 800 instead of negative 800.

If you want them to go forward then it will look something like this (backwards is a negative number):

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 2.37.43 PM.png

The only reason I suggest sending them slightly into the air is that if you launch a character that is on the ground then they are still affected by friction and won’t be launched as far. I also override their XY and Z velocities so that if they are already falling then it lets them “dash” in mid air.

Thank you for you afford, but unfortunately its not what im looking for. I want it to look like this (sec 33-34)

Its a long dash, but slower than the “launch character” dash.

Hello Jem_,

I was reading over your post and I thought I would share a dash like example that I have. This example may be viable depending on your needs. I hope that this information helps.


In this example I have a ball that dashes in the direction of the arrow component that I have given the actor (using the forward vector of the arrow component makes it easier to figure out which way is forward). I have it set up so that when I press the ‘G’ key it runs a loop that lerps the actors position between it’s starting point and a point that is 500 units away. Upon exiting the loop it resets the two variables being used and closes the gate until the ‘G’ key is pressed again.


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