Directional Damage indicator

I am making a 3rd person shooter game. When the player takes damage, i want there to be some sort of arrow to point in the direction the damage is received from. but when they move the camera around, that still points in the direction the damage came from. Like World of tanks or the grenade indicators in Call of Duty. Ive seen a video of this being done, but not HOW do do it. I cant find anything. If anyone knows or has a video on this that would be great!
Also if they are getting shot repeatedly,i want them to disappear quicker. if they take damage once, i want it to stay on screen a bit longer. Thanks!
Heres an example of what i mean
dmage indicator.png

Anyone have any idea on this??

Get a direction vector to the damage source and continue updating this vector to the position the damage came from for the amount of time you want to display the indicator.

Here’s something I found from google - looks useful Showing Hit Indicator with direction - UE4 AnswerHub

Got it to WORK!! thanks guys!

You can try this