Direction to node

This may seem simple but I’m still having a few problems understanding vectors (as used in UE).
The documentation leaves a lot to be desired.

My player character is at position A
I have another character or target point at position B

I need the direction to position B
preferably in “you need to turn left /right”

What does get direction vector get me?
Also can this be turned into degrees?

Direction vector gets u the Direction of a vector normalized and positive… See below
To get the angle between ur player and the other character u can do it this way(hard way):
Get the Forward Vector of the Arrow component of ur character(This is the way the character is looking)- it is already normalized
Get the Direction Vector between 1Ur Player(A) 2the other Character/targetPoint(B)
Now use the formula cos @ = A dot B / |A| * |B|
The result is your angle. Look

About how to get left or right i have no quick solution… sry

Use the getLookAtRotation node and compare the rotation output woth your current rotation and use that to decide if its to the right or left of your character.