Direction of sound

Hi, I have a sound in my game that i want to make extremely obvious which direction its coming from based on sound in the headphone, (left and right ear), at the moment its pretty difficult to judge where the sound is coming from even though ive set up the attenuation and 3d sound (mainly because its a small environment and the sound moves quickly), i dont know much about sound but is there a way to overly exaggerate this effect? id love it if i could completely eliminate the ear furthest away from the sound, so if the sound is coming from the left then you get no sound in the right ear.

Is there a way to control this at all? if not to completely eliminate then to at least exaggerate it more.

Cheers any help would be greatly appreciated,

Is there really no solution to this? ive looked online and cant find one, i just need to make it overly obvious which direction the sound is coming from.

From reading your question, I’m seeing a lot of variables. It’s difficult to answer because you aren’t giving a lot of details.

"ive set up the attenuation and 3d sound"

What does this mean? There are a lot of settings for a sound.

Is your sound supposed to be an object in the world or could you create your panning in a DAW and import a stereo sound to play with no spatialization?

If the object is supposed to be in the world, using a HRTF spatialization algorithm is going to place the sound for the user a lot more realistically than completely muting one ear. Attenuation settings are also very important when trying to place the position of a sound.

Hi Obsidiaguy, thanks so much for your reply, i actually came back here to post that i found my problem, im new to sound design since im making a game all by myself and have lots of other skills to learn, i just learnt about steam audio and HRTF and it fixed my problem! if i hadnt learnt it for myself your answer would have helped as you address it in your post, thanks a lot!

Awesome! Glad you figured out the issue and discovered the benefits of HRTF.

Thank you for finding this issue. I am also facing this problem… any solution anyone??

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