Direction based speed

Hello everyone.
i would like to introduce my system for defining character speed based on movement direction,

This system works as actor component added to your character which will give you the ability to set the current speed based on current movement direction and current status of character either running, walking, or crouch.

Demo: [


supported speeds:

  • walk forward speed
  • run forward speed
  • walk backward speed
  • run backward speed
  • strafe (right, left) speed
  • Walk strafe forward speed ( -+45 Deg)
  • Run strafe forward speed ( -+45 Deg)
  • Walk strafe backward speed (-+135 Deg)
  • Run strafe backward speed (-+135 Deg)
  • Crouch forward speed
  • Crouch backward speed

share & like if you enjoy.
any suggestion for improvement is welcome of course