Direction and speed

Hi! I am new to UE4 and also game development and I tried to script a cube to move in a specific direction with a specific speed. I “wrote” the blueprint for the speed and direction (with the help of an UE4 book). It works, the speed is set to 200.0 and the direction vector is something like this: X = 0, Y = -10, Z = 0, but I don’t understand a thing which the book doesn’t cover. I tried for the sake of curiosity to change the Y to -5 and wanted to see what happens and I didn’t see a difference between Y = -10 and Y = -5.Also, when I change the speed I can see a difference, it moves slower or faster. In the first case shouldn’t it move like 10 units or so and in the second case 5 units? Can someone explain what happens? Thank you for reading this and I apologize for my English.

So you state the “direction” vector is x=0, y=-10, z=0

Well x=0, y=-5, z=0 is the same direction, try x=-10, y=0, z=0

The speed (to move it by x units) is handled by your speed setting not the direction vector

Just a wild stab in the dark! ;oP


Without any more information how your code looks like (some screenshots of your blueprints for example) chances are rather low that anyone can help you <3

Basically, you’re saying that there’s no difference between Y = -5 and Y = -10, the value just being used to determine the direction, like Y = 1 meaning going to the right and Y = -1 meaning going to the left., and not the number of units the actor is walking.

Based on the information you have provided… yes