DirectInput support PLEASE (or at least where I can inject x360ce?)

So I have this issue, one that many people have but may not realize it. Unreal only supports Xinput devices (to my knowledge) and many many controllers out there are not Xinput compatible.

I really would like to see the enhancement to allow DirectInput, but I know that’ll take some time… So as a workaround, can someone tell me how exactly Unreal accesses xinput currently? and where I should place my xinput1_3.dll to make x360ce work to emulate xinput?

I bought a gamecube controller and adapter (4 port mayflash WiiU/PC adapter) specifically to use for my game. Only to find Unreal lacking DirectInput :frowning: Needless to say this is sad. I do have an XBox One controller, and a bunch of 360 controllers, but that’s not the goal for this game. I need DirectInput (or at least a workaround).

Thank for any help. And Someone please tell me if this isn’t an effective place for feature requests.

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Yes, the lack of support for directInput is a real pain. There is an unofficial plugin, but it doesn’t work with 4.8 it seems.

In case you (or someone else) are still looking for a solution: This hacky work-around applying x360ce within the scope of the packaged game worked for me and my Wii Remote.

I made a plugin for polling directinput-only controllers: Controlysis in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace
Being a Marketplace item it will be supported indefinitely.
I made it because it seems that Epic will never include directinput support in UE4 - the default input system is simply not extensible outside of xinput given how it refers to controller features by names that would make no sense on controllers with arbitrary layout.

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Does this support the Standard Gamecube Adapter for use with Gamecube controllers? (Not the Mayflash Adapter)