Direct upload to Sketchfab

Direct upload to Sketchfab

In RealityCapture it is possible to upload your created model to Sketchfab and share your creations with friends.

Once your 3D scan is ready, go to Workflow tab → Output → Share → Upload to Sketchfab.

After that you will need to give RealityCapture the authorization to upload the content to your Sketchfab account. If you are not logged in, then you will need to do it after this step.

Enter your model information. RealityCapture also gives you the ability to keep your model as a draft, and to automatically decimate your model to one million polygons for optimized Sketchfab display. We recommend this if you want to view your model on mobile devices.

Click Upload!

When processing is finished, you can view your model on Sketchfab, edit 3D settings, publish, and share.