Direct Mirroring Water Reflection?

first problem

the reflection is all blurry :frowning: how do i make it so its like a mirror? (material)

second problem

when i get closer it removes the reflection!

anybody know how to fix theez nu… things?

This is a limitation of screen space reflections - they can only reflect pixels that are being draw inside the camera’s frustum. EdWasHere is working on a planar mirror shader that should be able to make this work for you, when its released. Check his thread here: Mirror shader - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

This is funny, my first ever post in these forums had the same exact issue posted with the same concept sample (tree on reflective water). Some questions on reflections and their behavior. - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums
But like Crow said the link which was recently posted may just be a solution (although requires testing), I went ahead and posted there just now. Other than that it’s so far very grim : ), i’m still looking for answers and workarounds.