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I created variable type of my blueprint, make it editable, but in the blueprint have nothing any variable.

Hello SashkoBchk,

What type of blueprints are zzz and asd? If you wish to access the variable contained in another blueprint, you will need a reference to an instance of that blueprint class and you can then create a “get” of that reference and then do a get or set of the variable from that node.


It’s pawn Blueprint. I can’t untestand in all how to make a reference to an instance of that blueprint class. I just do like in the tutorial, but when i set type variable as “asd” i can’t set default

I see. From what I understand, you’re trying to make a variable to reference an instance of the other blueprint as they do with the ceiling light. Is that correct? If so, you should be able to do this by making the variable, setting the class to an Object Reference of the class you want to get a reference of and then setting it to Editable (clicking the eye beside it’s name in the left side of the Blueprint Editor). After that, this is a variable that will be set for each instance of this blueprint, not for the entire blueprint class. This means that you’ll need to return to the level, select the instance of your class in the level, and then set the variable in the details panel.

If this Pawn is being spawned at runtime rather than already being placed in the level, you can also do a Get All Actors of Class in the Event Graph to set the reference.