Diorama of a library of a mysterious house

Well, hello everyone! This is my first time here (and I hope it won’t be the last).

As my first diorama, I have chosen a scene inside of a victorian house. The idea is to transmit some mystery in the atmosphere, like if you were inside a videogame of survival horror. I will highlight the details I think good or curious and I hope people give me some piece of advice to improve the scene. I am very open to critics too because without them nobody would get better.

This is the blocking:

I hope you enjoy as much as me! And thank you for visiting me!!

I cant wait to see it!

Hi again to everyone!

Here I post the advances! I did some interesting assets. Let me know your opinion and tips.

Tomorrow I will upload captures of some of the assets that I have modeled and texturized.

Hope to see you soon!

Tonight I will upload some captures of the assets:

Tomorrow I think I will have time to show you more, until then, thanks for visiting me!