Dinozavr's QTE System

Hello everyone,

This is new Blueprint Quick Time Events system for marketplace

[FONT=Arial Black]Marketplace Link](Dynamic QTE System in Blueprints - UE Marketplace)


[FONT=Arial Black]Features
-Fully editable and customizable quick time events, with various settings
-3 QTE types, button mashing, timer sequence and non-timer sequence
-Custom animations can be easily added within blueprints
-3 Example animation sequences included
-Working Camera’s with animations

[FONT=Arial Black]Planned
-Support of UE4 Sequencer(to create QTE’s with sequencer cam and events)
-More features, and QTE types/example anims
-Easier setup and additional simplification

[FONT=Arial Black]Video

[FONT=Arial Black]Price -24.99$
[FONT=Arial Black]
This also can be used as support page.

Hello Sir, I bought your QTE System, just wanna ask on how do you access every time the input button for TimerQTE? So for example the first sound, which is before the first Timer button, then if the input is true, on before second timer button it will play the sound. Then before the third button, play another sound. After success it will play another sound. Trying implement a heartbeat game you see. So the heartbeat will be Fear(Fastest), Panic, Accelerate, and lastly Steady(normal pulse)