So where exactly are the spawns for the in TheIsland Submap in the Scene Outliner i was not able to locate it, so i assume the REX can random spawn at anyone of the spawners?

To view the spawn volumes.

-Open/load theisland
-Go to Windows/Levels
-Double click on PersistentGameplaySublevel_DinoSpawns

All of the spawns will now load into the Scene Outliner. Each spawn uses a specific DinoSpawnsEntries** BP. For example, the spawn at Mountain Spawns/NPCZoneManagerBlueprint_Land_133 uses DinoSpawnEntriesMountain (Which can spawn 1-2 Rex’s). You can then open up the BP to view which dinos and how many will be able to spawn.

If you just want to check some out, search in the Content Browser for DinoSpawnsEntries and you can see the ones that they are using. Hope this helps.

Already did that, could not locate it in there… hmmm. I specifically want to know where exactly are the Rex spawning at from the DinoSpawnEntriesRex_BP…

I went through all those spawners PersistentGameplaySublevel_DinoSpawns, found nothing… They all reference the Generic, water, land, etc spawn BP

It shows on mine as DinoSpawnEntriesGeneric

EDIT: Found it, i needed to be looking in the DETAILS tab…

The Rex is in a couple of the spawners. The easiest way to see which one he is linked to is to check the references of the Rex_character_bp. All of his attached spawn points will be on the left.

Already know all that, and also discovered that spawn is not even linked into TheIsland.