Dinosaurs and other extinct animals.. The Hulpen library.

Hi everyone,

My name is Nils, I live in Brussels and I am (re)creating extinct animals… :slight_smile:

Captivated by the past, I studied early humans and their natural habitat at the university.
That being said, I am amazed by aaaalll the amazing animal and plant species that have inhabited the planet Earth in the past. :slight_smile:

Spending days imagining the nature and landscapes of the past, I wanted to recreate them virtually.
Leaving my reveries, I quickly realized that imagining, sculpting, texturing and animating extinct animals in a credible way required patience.

Thus, because I think it might be helpful, I came up with the idea of ​​creating a unified UE4 library of (extinct) animals, highly customizable and ready to be included in a game. A library that I named Hulpen.

Having spent a year since late 2016 to do some research and preliminary work, I made a list of animals that I wanted to recreate first : I decided to recreate animals from the late **Cretaceous **(because we “all” grew up with Jurassic park :slight_smile: !) and the late **Eocene **(because, yes, BBC - Walking with Beasts).

I will submit an animal each week. (First submit: december 1st).

  • Each animal is visually adaptable (gender and age, health, skin details, scars, dust and mud, feathers, …).
  • Each animal is animated.
  • Each animal has an artificial intelligence capable of interacting with each Hulpen animal and plant.
  • Each animal has an exact skeleton, viscera and a vascular system. Yes :).

The price will stay attractive and accessible.

  • Stay tuned, Dr Sattler and Dr Grant :wink: …and encourage me if you have the kindness and the time !