Dinosaur Taming

Has anyone been able to figure out what the different values mean?

“Required tame affinity” and “required tame affinity per base level” are pretty obvious - it’s the total amount of “affinity points” required to tame a dino (the amount provided by different foods is specified in DinoSettings files). But what about:

  1. Tame Ineffectiveness by Affinity. Varies per dinosaur.

All other parameters are set globally for all dinosaurs:
2. Taming Food Consume Interval. Probably a multiplier for hunger during taming, but not entirely sure
3. Waking Tame Food Increase Multiplier
4. Taming Ineffectiveness Modifier Increase by Damage Percent. Probably affects how much each food item decreases taming effectiveness based on how much damage the dino took, but exact effect unknown
5. Waking Tame Affinity Decrease Food Percentage
6. Waking Tame Allow Feeding Food Percentage. Name implies percentage of food at which point a dino can be force-fed during taming. However, set to 0.9, meaning most dinos will eat on their own before reaching this point.
7. Waking Tame Food Affinity Multiplier. Name implies a multiplier for the affinity points a food item gives when force feeding? However, does not appear to work that way in game.

Does anybody have any concrete information on these?

Good summary. Waking tame params I’ll be adding in as part of my taming system overhaul… believe they relate to taming awake dinos like Giga and Dolphins. I’ll let you know what I found out.