Dinosaur NFT art with UE4

Hey guys,
I’ve been playing with Unreal Engine to create an NFT collection of animated Dinosaurs :sauropod: Crypto-Saurs. :t_rex:
I’m using Quixel Megascans for the environments and the Movie Render Pipeline for the cinematic quality.
Let me Know know what you think! Id love to get some feedback and support from the community.

Cheers! :metal:


I’m glad you’re having fun!

You should realize that you won’t make money on NFTs, though – the main use case for NFTs is quite likely money laundering. Where previously, it would be hard to explain where some kinds of income were coming from, but with NFTs, clearly you just “sold some artwork!” Instantly legitimate cash compensation! Totally nothing else was, uh, “exchanged” in that transaction, not at all, no sir!

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Thanks for the reply, I was kind of hoping for feedback on the work rather than the pros/cons of NFTs.

Anything about the work you like or think could help make the next one even better? I’m excited by the possibilities of Lumen.

Hi I think these are amazing. Super realistic I love Eva! You are doing amazing work :sparkles:


Hey Nick,

The cheeky humor in naming combined with the phenomenal job you’ve done on the actual art is brilliant.
I immediately wanted to see Snappy chasing after me in Ark (is that weird?).

Either way, wonderfully done. Hope to see more :smiley:

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