Dinosaur Model and Walk/Run Animation Test

Here is an early test of a Dinosaur (acrocanthosaurus) model and Walk/Run Blendspace animation for a new project. more to come (I have lots of dinos in the works)
The goal is to come close to Discovery Channel esque quality level. Sculpted/retopo in Zbrush, Rig/Animation in 3dsmax and paint substance painter.

2 LODs
LOD0 - 50K tris with Displacement Single 4K Albedo, Normal, Rough, GreyScale Displacement (looking to combine Rough+Disp)
LOD1 - 20K tris no Displace
there will be 2 more LODs in final but again just a test.

I’d love to hear what you think.


I think it looks pretty awesome! My one suggestion would be to add some more sideways movement to the tail during the running animation.

Yea I don’t like my tail rig very much not enough bones to get a smooth sway, but that’s why we test these things right. This was my first attempt at animation so still trying to wrap my head around it all. Thanks