Dinosaur Control Quesiton

How would one go about taking direct control of a dinosaur?(Instead of riding a t-rex, the player becomes the t-rex.)

Also, is it possible to make it so that when a player steps on a trigger, that the currently controlled dinosaur is despawned
while a new one spawns and is controllable by the player that stepped on the trigger?

I apologize if this are newb questions, but I just downloaded the ark development kit and have no experience creating mods.
(Do have autocad experience, and have created custom maps in rts, but this I have zero experience working from within a
game engine)

absolutely, you would have to create triggers with blueprinting… that’s a whole other animal to dig into tho.

Ok, thanks. Going to look up how to make blueprints.

Also a new camera and new controls when player gets morphed into a dino is required

A little nudge in the right direction in terms of the process; You would essentially need to have an overlap event happen on the trigger, that would then destroy the original actor, and then spawn a new one at that location that the previous dino was destroyed at.

I am thinking of going with a puff of smoke that hides the original actor being destroyed and having the new one spawning inside the smoke.

whoa all that just for that?

since dino can be mount and controlled can’t he just do that when approaching it hide the actual pawn of the player (there is an hide this actor case somewhere on it) and make it like he is mounting it? you just need to change the camera to folow the head of the dino in fps view doing that no?(and maybe change 2-3 thing since the dino will look at prey automatically when mount so changing this to folow mouse imput.) well just my point of view on this

i’m sure creating a new dino specialy for that is better/clearer but it seem overkill if it is for a special game mod where a player can’t tame dino (i’m assuming you want to make something like an arena combat where dino fight or a human team vs a dino team?)

Thank you for the excellent suggestion. This will make it a lot easier to turn a player into a dinosaur.

Currently I am just having fun with the editor. Don’t know exactly what I want to make, but I am experimenting with different things.

the easiest way i can think of (doing this for my gamemode ppl vs dinos) ofc we need the next update so we can play with the default character but u just grab the “default character pawn” and a “dino” (in my case all the dinos) pretty much clear all the ai ect and then add the character graph and essentials i cant see u needing an inv but u then need to change how it spawn. eg. “if its a person spawn choose a person char” then “if its a dino spawn bring up the dino choose menu, then base the character off what one is chosen” as a basic eg. if u need more help im here :slight_smile: it really depends how deep into being the dino u wish to be

Anyone succeeded in this yet? I’d like to make a playable dino too, but currently i’m completely stuck.