Dinosaur AI to attack and/or damage thatch and wooden structures

Hi all,

Wondering whether anyone is doing or thinking of doing this.

The idea is that medium to large dinos (carn or herb) would cause foot damage to thatch and wooden structures… while medium to large carnivores would actively attack thatch and maybe even wooden structures.

  1. The foot damage seems easy (just add it to characters), but to avoid constant aggro fights between dinos… the foot damage would need to be selectively targeting structures only.
  2. And for the carnivores active target, well I guess that would mean that certain thatch/wood items would have to appear on threat/aggro target lists for those dinos.

I’m thinking both the above would require code-level changes… but thought I’d ask out here.

I there is a way to do 1). There are different modifiers for foot damage for structures/trees and for actors. (I think). The biggest problem you will have is assigning the damage to bones. So the dinosaur doesn’t get stuck. This is definitely a must for Quality of Life though, most trikes I find in the world are stuck on trees, and when I try to free tamed ones I end up hurting/killing them with a hatchet.