Dinos not spawning

hi again,
Today ive tried to spawn dinos, following bricks movies…
It works like a charm on the testgame…
but when i do just the same in my map, they dont spawn…
enable dino spawn is enables in world editor

your bottom of the box is under the ground. Keep the boundries of the boxes above ground

did not work also…see pictures…
on the testmap, the bow is also 1/2 in the ground and it still works, only on my map it doesnt…

hmm two things you can try

  1. load up PersistentGameplaySublevel_DinoSpawns in the island folder and copy what they have. or
  2. make sure the volume and zone manager are exactly the same size…they should overlap one another and look like one box in the editor. The screenshot above isn’t doing that and I think that’s an issue.

See mine here? even on this crappy lil hill bump, they spawn but notice how neat it all is and how close the trigger is to the ground. not saying that this is the IDEAL perfect way…but every one I did like this…spawns.

also do not use the Transform box for scale…use the Select and Scale objects TOOL in the editor window and scale it that way.

Here it is as a whole shot on a diff angle


ok that worked :slight_smile:
now the other problem…
I setted spawn min at 20 and max at 40…but they keep spawning…?
any ideas on that?

that one i’m still trying to figure out.

searching for answers on here has been futile at best as well

have found the answer :slight_smile:
First, to spawn them, I had to place it all above, as you said, so they spawned, but kept spawning…
Then I putted the boxes, the bottoms, inside the landscape, and problem was fixed.
I think, if you put the box above ground, dinos, keep spawning inside the box, because they keep falling through…

Yet another problem: how to spawn fish??
I put a spawn box and stuff above, under, inside, a pool, but nothing.
i clicked on “only spawn in water”

Ok so I opened up the sublevel in The Island for DINO SPAWNS (its a sublevel) and copied just one of the jungle spawn points to my map. It works like a charm, they are spawning everywhere.

however…when I try to make one from scratch just like theirs…it doesn’t spawn at all

so copy and paste mah brotha…copy and paste.