Dinos disappearing in singleplayer after loading a save

So I’m having this problem with my Titanoboa mod. I just recently removed the remap which replaced the vanilla Boa with my modded one and added a new item to spawn my modded Boas. Well, I didn’t notice anything wrong with the mod as all my previously tamed Boas on my server work just fine.

Now a guy commented on my mod that his Boas have disappeared from his game and all the new modded Boas will disappear after reloading the world. I tested this myself and indeed all the modded Boas will always disappear after reloading the world. But like I said the Boas (both old and new ones) work perfectly on my server. Anyone have an idea what is causing the single-player not saving the new Boas?

You’re mixing scenarios are bit here.

It works on your server (dedi? non-dedi?) but doesn’t work on his (single player).

Have you tried loading your mod as single-player on your PC… and seeing if your tamed boas survive a reload?

I’m not aware of single player reloads effectively ignoring mods… I can only think that maybe he reloaded his world without your mod by mistake (or maybe his brother/sister did). Loading any world (dedi, non dedi, single player) without the mod that created the dino variants… will result in all those dinos vanishing forever…

I’m talking about the single-player. It works fine on my dedicated server, but single player somehow loses the Boas after a reload. I can spawn the Boa in single-player and then exit and load my save and the Boa will be gone.

Could it be that the single-player isn’t loading the Boa file correctly as the blueprint shares the same name as the vanilla Boa (I know stupid, but I was a real newb when I made the mod). I’m now trying to change all the names of my files to make sure they are in order and don’t have a chance to conflict with vanilla files.

The bad thing is that the upcoming change will also wipe every modded Boa even on servers. Then again I should do it now perfectly to ensure future compatibility. I hope not everyone will hate me for their lost Boas ;_;

I guess it’s either a name conflict… or a bug. All you can do is try to rename the file and see if you can replicate the fault with a different named file. It could be as simple as you say.

I did that and the Boa seems to work well now. Still I wonder why doesn’t the single-player specify the file location?