DinoDropInventoryComponent adding new ArkTek item Element to drops

Hi All,

Just getting started and wanted to add the new Ark Tek item ‘Element’ to a few rare spawns on the map, e.g. Alphas. But it doesn’t appear that the new tek item ‘Element’ is in the list of available items to drop.

Is it that the tek stuff isn’t in the dev kit yet or am I just missing it???

Any hints would be appreciated!

Thank you

Element isn’t in the current build. According to Twitter, it was supposed to update yesterday but hasn’t so hopefully in the next few days.

ADK hasn’t been updated with the new 254 update.

Thanks for the replies, guess I’ll have to watch the twitter feed more often!

Have a great weekend all !!

Technically you could do it if you know the paths to the new items.