Dino Valley

Trying really hard to not call this “The Fall of the Dinosaurs” since it’s an autumn scene. The shot is roughly 90% straight out of Unreal.

Assets include

  • 1 dinosaur
  • 2 rock clusters (probably could have even pushed that to just one, but I had the other handy)
  • 3 trees (1 background tree, and 2 ‘hero’ dead trees)
  • 1 treetop foliage
  • 1 grass clump and 1 fern (with a couple of minor variations) - i really wanted more instance-based color variation but even solid black-white showed up only a little bit

Mist and god-rays are all done through blueprints - they are also the main thing killing the framerate, fwiw (many layers of animated overdraw, oh my)

Lots of the ground foliage was placed with generators, though some were hand-placed for silhouette/composition purposes

comments/crits/questions are all welcome, though it might take a bit to reply :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wow that looks amazing :stuck_out_tongue: nice work!

Awesome! That looks nearly like a painted image! Keep going mate! (:

It look amazing !!!

Amazing!! :smiley:

Looks so great! Just curious, what is the extra 10% outside of Unreal?

Oh i don’t see that is true, probably the drooling mouth ?

this is great!

drool, spiderwebs, and some color tweaks, all of which could have been done in-game but taken much longer; fixing the dino’s eye and cheek, and tongue position (also done in post for speed’s sake), and some color tweaks specific to this composition (playing up the warmth of the sunbeams and the blue of the rest of the forest shadow, and some more vignetting on the bottom. Sounds like a long list but it’s pretty minor compared to what I was able to get unreal to do itself.

Very nice! =)

Can we get a video flythrough of this?

Probably not - it wouldn’t have any of the post fixes, plus it was designed for a still shot - ie, if you don’t see it in this shot, it’s not actually there. I would be consider it as sort of an informational flythrough so people could see how things are arranged and what all would be stripped out…