Dino Tool Tip in Scoped SpyGlass

Hey Everyone, I’m having a difficult time finding anything about this topic so I thought I’d give it a try here. I just started modding and new to the scene, so if there is a reference to what I’m asking, please share a link and I’ll read through your recommendations.

What I’m trying to mod (and have failed thus far) is the spy glass and it’s relationship to a tool tip. There are a few mods features that I’d like to have listed below.

  • When the spyglass is scoped, a tooltip is shown of the dino’s stats when the dino is targeted.
  • The toolip (like the one you see when taming) appears locked in the top left or right of the viewport where the spyglass black area is.
  • The toolip shows the dino’s state in realtime whether or not they are before, during or after taming stages.
  • When the spyglass is not used the tool tip is not shown

I’ve looked through tons or forums, videos, wiki, you name it and I can’t get this to work.

Any help is appreciate and thanks in advance.