dino stat replenishers Cant seem to find it in the dev kit anywhere

Hi Team,

I was hoping if someone might be able to assist and point me in the right direction in the dev kit.

What I am trying to achieve is a item that can replenish a dinosaur stat faster then a standard Item for example when you feed a dinosaur a raw piece of meat its health jumps up a set amount when it has been injured.

I am wanting to modify this particular stat but the only one I have found so far is the character affect so how much the item affects the player when they eat it not the dinosaurs themselves.

I did find the section that appears to control the effectiveness of food items when taming dinosaurs but cant seem to find the section for the above another example would be when a dino eats a stim berry it has a greater affect then it does on a character if they ate one…

please help!

thanks in advance!

You should get an Actor reference, cast it to PrimalCharacter (if needed), then get the CharacterStatusComponent search in the list that pops up when u drag the reference for “health” (make sure the “Context Sensitive” box is checked). I think that there might be a usefull variable for you there.

thanks for the help french but I am really new to modding and that pretty much went totally over my head I do apologize. is an Actor reference a completely separate file? or it part of the item you are actually wanting to have the resulting affect? pardon my ignorance.

A reference is just a variable pointing do f.i. an actor.
This image might help you c:

Just add a buff on item use. then do all your stat handling in the buff.

easy as pie. look at the parachute files for the example on how to add a buff on use, and then look at say, the dilo poison buff to understand the variables.

No graphing required.