Dino stat experience and information replication

Hi guys,
I am about to tackle problem to do with storing dino states of dinos that exist and are tamed.
Where should I begin to look for all attributes, stats, name, level, exp to be able to store them. This has to be active information of the instance of the dino. To be replicated onto a separate dino instance.
Wondering what areas I should start looking at because I don’t think it would be as simple as referencing the primal dino data because that would be for spawning a new dino with a new instance of stats name id all that jazz.
Thanks ahead of time for the help and pointing me in the right direction.
Ted - shinooni

I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve here. Your explanation is a bit confusing for me. But it sounds like you want to copy the stats from one dino to another? If yes and the new dino is the same creature type, you can just use “spawn dino from dino data”. This function is the one which is used for cloning in the cloning chamber.