Dino Spawn Weight

Hey guys,

Trying to get the hang of modding in this game and… ever? I am unsure if what I am trying to do is modding, though! We run a hyper pvp server with a steady player base of 50-60 players. The QQ on the server is pretty real because of how long it takes to farm and tame dinos. We know the solution for altering tame speed of timos and farming rate, those are easy, but to balance these changes we want to dramatically reduce the spawn rate of T-rexes and Spinos so that the server doesn’t go crazy.

We have the command for this, which I can’t seem to find right now, but when we enter it on our server and restart the server is just disappears. Is this something we need to do as a modification? Are we doing something wrong? Does anyone know where/how we enter this command in order to make it stick?

Thanks for the help,

Bump, still looking for help!

Try putting it in your .ini file, that might help you keep that command there.