Dino Force Feed Enable/Disable

Hello everyone, I wonder how can I enable or disable force feed for dinos? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

So far as I’ve seen, the only way to modify that setting is to overhaul every single dino in the game to have that setting either on or off. Others might say different, but the only Simplified way to make a dino Un-able to force feed is by creating a food item with a buff_noFeeding or some such that makes a dino not able to be remotely fed for a duration.

Unless your question is instead to make it so that Apes, Monkeys and other passive tames are no longer passively tamed, they you’d only need to overhaul those specific dinos to not being fed in that way, but instead tamed normally.

If you want to go gunhoe on the idea for removing use in remote inventory of a dino, then you need to change a setting in each dinos inventory known as Allow Use in Inventory(or something similar to this).