dino following a specific path

So I thought it would be incredibly easy to get a dino to follow a predetermined path, I’ve attempted using ‘AI move to’
but I just can’t seem to get it to work (and even when I think I’ve fixed it just crashes the engine, I don’t even have screenshots of previous blueprints I’ve made because of this)

Just wanting to know if anyone at all has managed to get this working,

I can’t even find a way to reference the specific raptor I am trying to move.

Call me stupid but this just sounds incredibly simple (and is outside of the dev kit) to do but I just can’t figure it out.

((and I made a previous thread about this but got very few responses))

Yes. This is 100% possible. But, why? Your going to have to blueprint script the entire thing. Like as in, 100% create your own dino. Use the dino of your choice Static Mesh and animations … then … your going to have to blueprint every single movement …
is there a magical switch for “move A B C D E F G… and use AI for attacks” ? nope. Get out your super UE4 blueprint book, because, its going to be a ton of work. Not to mention, if the mod is used any other place, it will never work, since, it will be scripted to follow a specific path, so that limits your mod down to … 1 map type.

At this point the mod is being used for the purposes of creating a trailer, so it was literally suppose to be for the purpose of following a pathway with just the basic movement animation. I’ve figured something to work around the issue anyway.

This is one of the many issues I have with the engine, things like this are incredibly basic to input in virtually any UE4 project, I’ve done it on several occasions but you have to work completely backwards for it to work correctly. Quite disappointing that most of my ue4 knowledge appears to be wasted on the devkit and with the incredible lack of information and work arounds it certainly doesn’t make the problems go away. :confused:

I was working on a sentry patrol system for dinos i had a array that would store the current world location of the dino when i hit set way point and so on and so forth but with out basic path finding any thing like this or your idea will never work, in the dev kit yeah where there isn’t 50 trees/rocks and other stuff to get in the way, but if you are gonna try do it then you need to set up path finding so your dino can navigate around obstructions because AI move to is just a straight line from point A to B.