Dino follow distance


I started tinkering with an idea for easy element farming, my idea is to take the preexisting endboss drone and endboss tank from the tekcave (they drop element when killed natrually, i know i can add element to be dropped on dino death but i wanted these creatures specifically) and make it a spawnable dino, which i have gotten to work!.. My problem is that the flying tek Drone is constantly super far away from the character tamed or wild… It spawns and flies up in the air and maintains that distance away from the player…
So… Is there a way to:
*Disable distance adjustment so dino doesnt fly away from character constantly
*Reduce distance between dino and character

It’s in the targeting of the aicontroller

Found it!!!

Referenced the Argy AIcontroller:
-AI flying
–Flying move towards Target offset
—z <value>

Thank you P0k3r!!