Dino enemy tree?

I decided to try my hand at modding for the first time with Ark and ran into an immediate block. Does anyone know where I can find the list of dinos that a dino will attack (aka enemy list[s] for each hostile dino), or where the variable is located? I have found the behavior trees but no list/variable they seem to pull from. Has anyone run across this yet?

More than likely it’s set to attack “DinoPawns”. Depending on what you’re doing, the easier route may be to copy an existing dino and replace its model with a tree.

Welcome to modding: Where you will spend hours doing nothing :slight_smile:

I believe the aggression is set by group rather than by individual dino. There was an issue the mammoth initially, where it was put in the ‘herbivores’ group instead of the ‘massive herbivores’ group - so dilo’s kept attacking mammoths.